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Mrs Cleaner Super Cleaner is a powerful integrated cleaning agent. It can quickly fizz and remove clothing stains, kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, car interior, even wood polish etc, leaving your house beautifully shiny. It totally can replace your ordinary cleaning.

With this NON-TOXIC cleaner, you can safely remove stains without chemical bleach that harms your health. Try this ultimate cleaner to keep your home 100% clean!



  • Keep fresh: Deeply clean and keep fresh for a long time and prevent bacteria from breeding.
  • Safe and harmless: Use biological enzymes to decompose stains, more environmental friendly, safe and harmless.
  • Effectiveness: Instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry, low foaming and easy to rinse, effective decontamination, clean thoroughly, streak-free.

About Usage:

A piece of effervescent tablet needs to be mixed with 500ml water, then allowed to stand for half an hour or shake for 5-10 minutes, waiting for all dissolved completely, you shake it before use, the effect is better.




✅    Tablet Completely dissolved: About 30 minutes.
✅    If you shake it, will accelerate tablet dissolution.  
✅    Keep out of reach of children, store in a cool and dry place.
✅    Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
✅    Crushing or powdering will accelerate tablet dissolution.



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